General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Effective starting from the 1st of March, 2022 Welcome! Thank you for your vote of confidence in us with your purchase! Please read this document thoroughly before completing your purchase because your purchase marks your acceptance of the terms of this GTC! Please contact one of our representatives at the contacts provided if you have any questions regarding this GTC, the use of the website, the individual services or products, the purchasing process, or if you wish to discuss a unique request.

1. Service provider data

  • Name: K And C Media Fz Llc.
  • Headquarters: FDRK5102 Compass Building, Al Shohada Road, AL Hamra Industrial Zone-FZ, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
  • Representative: 0000004035435
  • Contact info:
  • Hosting provider data:

2. The GTC scope, acceptance, revision

The contents of the contract between us – in line with the provisions of the applicable regulations in effect – are determined by these General Terms and Conditions of Contract (hereinafter: GTC) and by additional information on the website. Accordingly, this GTC contains the rights and obligations between us and the Buyer, the conditions via which the contract shall come into effect, performance deadlines, payment terms, the liability rules, and conditions of practicing the right to withdraw.

The Buyer must be aware of this GTC and its provisions prior to completing a purchase. The Buyer accepts this GTC and its provisions when purchasing through our online shop and this GTC is a part of the contract established between the Buyer and the Seller.

Please read the GTC and its provisions before each purchase! Potential revisions to the GTC are effective once posted on the website. Potential revisions do not apply to previous contracts (for confirmed orders).

3. The language of the contract

Language of the contract: English.

4. Prices

Prices shall be in euro.
We reserve the right to rate changes.

5. Complaint administration and right-enforcement options

If the Participant is not satisfied with the service provided by the Service Provider and wants to file a complaint, the Participant may do so in writing.


The Service Provider shall investigate every complaint.

The Service Provider must provide a written response to the complaint and take measures accordingly within thirty days of receiving it. If the complaint is rejected, the Service Provider must provide an explanation for its stance.

6. Copyrights

The website is considered copyrighted work; therefore, all its contents are protected under copyright. Unlicensed use of any of the website’s graphics, written material, video, image or software solutions, or its computer programming products, as well as the use of any applications to alter the website or any of its components is illegal and forbidden.

Any content from the website and its database may only be used with written consent from the copyright holder, and with proper reference to the website and indication of the source.

The copyright holder: K And C Media Fz Llc.

A user fee is incurred for the unlicensed use of any text or graphic elements from the website in the printed or electronic media. The user fee is 14 EUR per day for each graphic element and 10 EUR per day for each sentence.

If you would like to post one of our articles on your website, please send us an email beforehand to the following email address:

Sharing the course link with a 3rd party will be reported to the authorities immediately and will be subject to a compensation fee. Sharing video content will be subject to a fee of 10 EUR/minute.

Those who use our copyrighted content illegally will receive a letter of notice from our lawyer to stop the infringement and an invoice with a calculation of the above fees.

Reservation of rights, ownership clause

The contents of this website solely serve informational purposes and should not substitute medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment. Always see a medical practitioner with your complaints!

Our readers should be aware that the articles and courses found on the website contain personal views and opinions which may at times be contradictory to current, widely recognized scientific positions. Occasionally we analyze health-related topics using other perspectives in reference to the freedom of expression.

7. Partial invalidity, code of conduct

If any part of the GTC is incomplete or invalid, the remaining parts of the contract shall still stay in effect, and the incomplete or invalid parts are superseded by the applicable provisions. The Seller does not have a code of conduct in accordance with the regulation regarding barring unfair business practices towards the Buyer.

8. The functioning of digital data content, technical security measures

The availability of the website data on the hosting servers is greater than 99.9% annually. The entire data content is regularly backed up, so if a problem arises the original data content can be restored. The content appearing on the website is stored in MSSQL and MySQL databases. Sensitive data is stored using encryption of appropriate strength.

9. Registration and the purchasing process

The Service Provider reserves the right to withdraw from the contract even after sending out confirmation if performance is no longer possible due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g.: the said service is no longer offered, force majeure, etc.) In the event of withdrawal, the Service Provider must settle with the Participant if there was a financial exchange.

The Service Provider shall notify the Participants about the course thematics, date, and location via its website and by electronic mail. The Service Provider is not responsible for possible spelling errors or false data.

Registering for the course shall be possible on the Service Provider’s website.

  • The participant selects a course clicks “Add to cart”.
  • The cart can be opened and its contents can be accessed by clicking on the “Cart” icon located on the upper right side of the website.
  • If the Participant wants to delete the contents of the cart, this can be done by clicking on the “X” sign found in front the product.
  • Once the desired course is in the cart, the Participant can begin the sign-up process by clicking on the “Checkout” button.
  • The following window will then collect the Participant’s personal data.
  • The General Terms and Conditions will then have to be accepted by ticking the corresponding check box.
  • Afterwards – if the Participant agrees to everything – the registration process will be completed by clicking the “Place your order” button.

By completing the registration process, the Participant outright acknowledges that his/her order implies an ensuing obligation to pay, provided that the Service Provider sends acknowledgment as is in line with the General Terms and Conditions.

The Service Provider shall confirm receipt of the application by sending an electronic message.

A Final invoice is automatically generated in case of credit card payment, and course access is automatically sent out.

The Service Provider is entitled to change the location, time, and thematics of the course. If the Participant does not accept the change or part of the changes, this fact shall result in the termination of the contract binded by the General Terms and Conditions.

By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the Participant states the data he/she provided during the registration process are accurate.

10. Correction of data entry errors – Liability for the accuracy of provided data

The Participant must provide his/her accurate personal data during the registration process. Inaccurate data or data belonging to other persons provided during registration render the contract invalid. The Service Provider shall be excluded from any and all liabilities if the Participant uses someone else’s identity or data to access the service.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any problem resulting from the Participant providing erroneous, incomplete, or inaccurate data, since the Service Provider offered every opportunity to the Participant to confirm his/her data.

The Participant can correct or delete the data entered at every step of the application process.

If the Participant wants to change any data after submission, this can be communicated to the Service Provider though the contact information provided in the General Terms and Conditions.

By completing the application, the Participant acknowledges that the Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the inaccurate and erroneous data entry made by the Participant.

If confirmation is not received due to an incorrect email address being provided during the application process, or if the memory of the email address is full, this may prevent the contract from coming into effect. In such instances, the Service Provider will try to contact the Participant using other means.

11. Procedure for incorrect pricing

It is possible – i.e., due to technical issues – for incorrect pricing to appear on the website. In the event of incorrect pricing, we are not obliged to fulfill the order and sell the product at the incorrect price. The contract becomes void if the order contains incorrect pricing. In case there is an order with incorrect pricing, the Seller’s representative shall inform the Buyer about the correct pricing and offer to execute a contract with the correct pricing. The Buyer is not obliged to order and sign a contract with the Seller at the corrected price in lieu of the incorrect price.

12. Components of the purchase price

The cost of the course.

13. Payment methods

Credit card: If you want to pay by Visa or MasterCard, select the credit card payment method.

14. Deletion of user profiles due to abuse

The Seller is entitled to delete user profiles that are subject to abuse without prior notification on the bases that such conduct (either by purchase, or with regards to the performance of warranty/guarantee request) by the Buyer does not obligate the Seller to provide services. However, the Buyer is to be refunded the Purchase price – with the deduction of already incurred costs, and excluding late fee interest.

The Seller is not liable for damages resulting in the deletion of user profiles made for improper use as the Buyer exercises his/her rights as the Buyer. It is the Seller’s sole right to qualify the Buyer’s behavior and the exercising of his/her rights as improper.

15. Reservation of rights, ownership clause

The Seller shall not be responsible for any damages, losses, or expenses that result from the use of the website or the financial institution’s website, their malfunction, improper functioning or outage, unauthorized modification of data, delayed forwarding of information, computer viruses, line or system error, or other similar reasons.

Ask your doctor for advice before starting any of our courses! The Seller shall not be liable for any accidents, health problems and damages that result from diverging from the doctor’s medical opinion. Furthermore, the Seller shall not be liable for any accidents, health problems and damages that result from overexertion during the course.

The contents of this website solely serve informational purposes and should not substitute medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment. Always see a medical practitioner with your complaints!

Training does not constitute a medical qualification. The Seller accepts no responsibility for the subsequent actions of any individuals who complete this course of study. The Seller does not accept any responsibility for any harm suffered as a result of participating in the training provided.

The online courses on this website do not qualify as Formal Adult Education activities.

Although the content appearing on our website was backed by thorough research, the authors reserve the right that there may be factual errors, the content may not be absolutely valid, and the reader should always rely on his/her subjective judgment.

The content contains opinions and views that may contradict current, widely accepted scientific positions. By occasionally exercising our rights of freedom of expression, we analyze various topics using other perspectives.

The Participant acknowledges that the Service Provider assumes responsibility to follow professional and ethical rules to the extent of the Service Provider’s best knowledge and experience in providing its services, while keeping the Participant’s interests in mind. However, Service Provider does not assume an obligation or responsibility for the attainment of results – based on the information presented in the course.

The Participant acknowledges that it is illegal to make audio or video recordings using any appropriate device during courses without prior consent from the Service Provider.

16. Withdrawal

You can withdraw from the purchase within 14 days from the date of the transaction if you are not satisfied with the course.


Withdrawal statement template


I, the undersigned, name:………….., declare that I wish to practice my right to withdraw from the purchase of said course in reference to the contract terms:…………..

Date of contract:…………….

The buyer’s name:………………

The buyer’s address:……………

Name of beneficiary:……………


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