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Debbie Hemmingway

Private & Independent Midwife with over 12 years of midwifery experience, Providing holistic antenatal, birth & postnatal care, Aromatherapy in childbirth and pregnancy massage practitioner

Midwifery is not just a job to Debbie, but a passion, a calling. As a registered Midwife since 2010, she brings a holistic approach to Midwifery and empowers women to make the best decisions for their bodies and babies. She is passionate about empathetic and compassionate personalized care to make a difference in a woman’s journey to Motherhood. All women deserve excellent care, and she strives to ensure that outstanding care is given. As a Midwife and Mother, she has the experience, knowledge, and empathy to offer first-class evidence-based safe and effective care and expertise to women and support them in their choices during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Since qualifying, she has worked in various maternity units in the North East of England and has spent the last few years working as a community midwife, often present at home births.

Email: midwifeofthenorth@gmail.com

Leanne Stitt

Doula & Nurse based in Cumbria offering fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum support & coaching, Nurturing Touch Practitioner, including Newborn Nurture Touch & Care plus Baby Massage & Infant Mental Health (Birth onwards).

Leanne passionately believes that informed choices are facilitated to ensure that peace of mind can be achieved.

Navigating the NHS can be very challenging and rushed due to the demands on the service.

She hopes to bridge a gap so that your healthcare provider and you can build a relationship to ensure a positive birth experience.

Email: doula_diary@hotmail.com

Chelsea Toops

Pediatric speech-language pathologist with over 11 years of experience in the outpatient rehabilitation, private practice, school, and telehealth settings.

Chelsea greatly enjoys treating clients with challenging and complex disorders and having the opportunity to help others on a daily basis. At present she works at Columbia Area Specch Therapy as Speech-Language Pathologist. She also works as a telehealth therapist at TherapyWorks, GreatSpeech, and TalkPathLive. 

Throughout her professional career, she has had broad exposure to a variety of speech and language impairments, disabilities, and genetic disorders. She has a specialty in working with the hearing-impaired population, as well as extensive training in pediatric feeding disorders, orofacial myofunctional disorders, stuttering, language disorders, articulation disorders, and apraxia. 

Helping children reach their speech, language, and feeding goals is her passion.

Eszter Bove

IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Infant Feeding Specialist, Baby Massage Instructor, CMC (Connected Mothers’ Circle) Facilitator

Eszter has been a breastfeeding counsellor with one of the UK’s leading breastfeeding charities (La Leche League) since 2013 and has supported hundreds of families on their infant feeding journeys.

Her passion lies in long-term support for families who choose to breastfeed beyond babyhood, as well as prevention of issues at the early preparation stages for breastfeeding: during pregnancy.

Eszter is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), the highest internationally recognised qualification that can be achieved in the infant feeding world.

She is based in North London, UK and is available to support families face-to-face or virtually, as preferred.

Eszter is a qualified baby massage instructor and Connected Mothers’ Circle facilitator. Both of these roles are designed to facilitate the connection between mothers and their babies, as well as mothers with themselves and their communities during this unique, beautiful and challenging transition into motherhood.

Email: eszterboveibclc@yahoo.com

Amanda Wardle

Private midwife and specialist hypnobirthing/antenatal educator with over 35 years of experience

Amanda believes that women can give birth to their babies without medical intervention and that pregnancy and birth are normal life events. Research shows that having continued support throughout pregnancy and labour is one of the biggest contributing factors to having a simple and beautiful birthing experience.

With her 35 years of knowledge and understanding of the physiology of pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, plus the emotional support for women and their partners, she assists them in whichever way they choose to give birth, wherever that may be.

Email: amanda@mycalmbirth.com

Prioteasa – Preda Carmen Georgiana

Emergency nurse. She currently works in the Rehabilitation Department of Enayati Medical City. Previously, she worked at the Bucharest Clinical Emergency Hospital, the UPU Smurd Department (Emergency Department) and the ATI (Anesthesia and Intensive Care) Department of the Monza Metropolitan Hospital.

At present, Carmen works at the Rehabilitation Department of Enayati Medical City. Previously, she worked at the Bucharest Clinical Emergency Hospital, the UPU Smurd Department (Emergency Department) and the ATI (Anesthesia and Intensive Care) Department of the Monza Metropolitan Hospital. Carmen believes that being a nurse is a profession and not a job. She loves what she is doing and is passionate about helping people and sharing her knowledge with them. She joined the medical team to satisfy her need and love of being around people.

Judit Zombori

Adjunct professor at Semmelweis University of Medicine and Sciences, former Midwife, Psychologist, Consultant, and Trainer with 38 years of experience

Katalin is a behaviour therapist, helping children with cognitive, behavioural issues and hyperactivity. She also leads parent-child support groups, teaches relaxation techniques to primary school children, and provides career guidance to young adults.

She has been dealing with nutritional psychology – a connection between food, nutrition and mental health- for several decades now. She believes that there is always a complex reason behind the body’s physical symptoms, and to realize, accept and resolve these issues, in many cases, people need professional help.

Katalin also supports bereavement, stress and conflict management, postpartum depression, processing divorce, relationship issues, parenting, childhood traumas, and depression.

She is president of the Hungarian Association of Health Management and a member of the Semmelweis University Public Servant Council.

Cintia Harmath

Adult, child, and baby First Aid Instructor, Doula, Early Years Educator and Childcare Worker, Baby and Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Baby Massage Instructor, Cofounder of enappy.com

It is essential for Cintia that parents access information about childcare and parenting on one platform, so they don’t get lost in the information overflow caused by the internet. This way, soon-to-be parents can embark on the journey of parenthood more confidently and without concerns.

„Situations we are not prepared for will always arise. At least we should get ready for what we can.”

Her area of expertise is attachment parenting which is particularly important for her. She believes that a close connection based on empathy, responsiveness, and bodily closeness between parent and child is vital from the early stages to help navigate through terrible twos and puberty.

Anita Miklovicz

Psychologist, Coach, Health Psychology Resident, Relationship and couples Therapist in training, Scheme Therapy Consultant Candidate, Trainer

As a psychologist, Anita considers trust and acceptance particularly important between couples and helps them get through difficult stages of life. She helps individuals, couples, and families as well.

Main areas: couples counseling, family conflict resolutions (both individual and couple sessions), self-awareness, increasing self-efficiency, improving self-confidence, creating a balanced sense of self, lifestyle change, stress handling, midlife crisis, infertility crisis, career choices, carrier consulting, workplace-related issues.

Fanni Godo és Regina Hogya


Oxygen Wellness Naphegy health and fitness specialists

Fanni Godo

Fitmummy pre-/postnatal exercise specialist, personal trainer, Life, and Nutritional Consultant, Pre- and Rehabilitation Trainer, Preventive Spine Exercise Specialist, Kinesio Taping / Sporttaping Therapist

As a result of completing the Fitmummy – Pre/Postnatal course, Fanka provides rehabilitation support for women before, after, and during pregnancy. She has exercised all kinds of sports and gained experience in different fields. Her goal is to make people love to exercise. Fanka continuously learns and expands her knowledge by completing different courses.

Regina Hogya

Personal Trainer, Child Fitness Trainer, Functional Personal Trainer, Aquafitness and Spinning Trainer, Kinesio Taping / Sporttaping Therapist
Regina believes that sports and exercising are a joy for the body and soul, and this belief echoes during all her classes. As a former football player, she emphasizes the importance of developing coordinative and conditional abilities and improving physical fitness.

Edina Surmann

Sports Trainer, Sports Organizer, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Infant Massage Instructor, Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Edina has loved sports since she was a child. She founded Mamacuka, where she holds prenatal yoga classes for expecting women. With excellent knowledge of pregnancy, labor, and birth, Edina aims to use prenatal yoga to increase the strength, flexibility, and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth and to prepare women for labor and birth both mentally and emotionally. And yes, birth is mentioned separately as not only a new baby is born but also a mother.

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