Online Baby First Aid Course

Something always happens… Plan ahead with us to prevent the problem, or at least be prepared when it happens!

First Aid Course from the Parent’s Point of View

Course Topics

Where can accidents happen to my child?

What type of accidents may and where can they happen to my child? - we review these based on age groups from 0 to 6 years of age. How can we be prepared to prevent trouble?

Bleeding and its treatment

What types of bleeding are there? How do we treat the various types? Which is the most dangerous type and why? Don’t get frightened; learn what to do and react immediately in case of an accident!

Head injuries, fractures, and bruises

How do we deal with each of these? How do we prevent such injuries? Who can we turn to for help? When should we see a doctor? What age groups are these accidents most common for?

Ingestion of a foreign body, chemicals, poisoning

How can we prevent mishaps like choking, eating while running around, or picking a harmful toy? What should we do if the child gains access to chemicals? How should we store them?

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

What causes it? What are the contributing factors? What can the parent do? This will also be covered in the course!

Artificial respiration, resuscitation

Resuscitation in infant and toddler age. What are the dos and don’ts? How do we remove a foreign body?

Hair strangulation

Haven’t heard of it yet? It’s not your fault! It’s not much spoken of since it’s not the most common accident. But unfortunately, it’s more dangerous than you would’ve thought! Find out what it is and how to prevent it!

Fever and Febrile Seizures

How can we measure a baby’s fever? What should we look out for to get an accurate result? How can we reduce fever and what should we use? What is a febrile seizure and how can we deal with it?

Scalding, Burn injury and Electric shock

When should we go to the hospital with this injury? When is a burn considered a severe injury? How do we prevent it? What do we do when it happens?

How can we call for help?

Who should we call when there is trouble? What should we say and what should we do in order to best inform the professionals? What is the best order of action?

What should we look out for when selecting furniture?

What furniture should we buy for the baby? What should we look out for in each case? A poorly selected crib can cause the baby’s constant crying and discomfort. We will review all of this in the course.

Medicines, Medicine cabinet

What should be in your medicine cabinet? What should always be at hand? What should be used and when?

Shaken baby syndrome

What exactly does this mean? Why does it happen? What are the contributing factors? And why is it so dangerous? You have already taken the first step in preventing trouble by becoming aware of it!

Croup and what to do about it

What is Croup? What causes it? What should we do during a croup attack? How can you avoid it? We received requests to include it in the training, and so we did!

Who do we recommend it for?

We recommend the online baby first aid course for mothers, fathers, and grandparents who want to prepare for accidents involving infants and kids, who feel prevention is important, and who want to know how to react in the event of an accident.

The presentation covers the types of accidents typical of various age groups – for instance, an infant faces a different set of threats than a 3-year-old does. We pay special attention to the prevention of accidents, but we demonstrate what to do in a separate video content, for example, in the case of choking. We also cover what to keep in your medicine cabinet, and how to prepare your home, flat, or even your garden to keep your child safe.

Who are we?

The international experts of prepared this course to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate source of information on child first aid an related subjects.
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Conscious Parents
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Happy Babies

As parents, it’s difficult to fathom the brilliant imagination children have, which coincidentally may put them in harm’s way. In the span of this course, we examine the potential sources of danger unique to the various age groups. We are likely to panic when our children have an accident; therefore, it is advantageous to be prepared for situations children may find themselves in when they suffer an accident. We review what to do in these situations as grownups.

Debbie Hemmingway

Private & Independent Midwife with over 12 years of midwifery experience, Providing holistic antenatal, birth & postnatal care, Aromatherapy in childbirth and pregnancy massage practitioner.

Judit Zombori

College Adjunct Professor, former Midwife, Psychologist, Consultant, and Trainer with 38 years of experience.

Cintia Harmath

Adult, child, and baby First Aid Instructor, Doula, Early Years Educator and Childcare Worker, Baby and Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Baby Massage Instructor.

80% of all injuries and accidents can be prevented with sufficient care and preparation.

We all know that prevention is the most important factor, yet it’s impossible to foresee all possibilities, so this course places a great deal of emphasis on practice besides gaining the required theoretical knowledge.

The Cost of the Baby First Aid Course

20-day or unlimited access

20-day ACCESS

  • 20-day access
  • You can progress at your own pace
  • We are here to help
  • Nearly 3 hours of video material
  • International Experts
  • 38 years of experience
  • With recognized professionals
  • Preparation and prevention - all in one place


  • Unlimited access
  • You can progress at your own pace
  • We are here to help
  • Nearly 3 hours of video material
  • International Experts
  • 38 years of experience
  • With recognized professionals
  • Preparation and prevention - all in one place

How Will the Course Help You?

For 3 hours straight, we prepare you for the dangers your child may face, how to be ready for them, how to prevent them, and what to do if they occur. We review the sources of danger and potential accidents unique to the various age groups, so you know what to look out for at each stage of life and can adjust your surroundings and environment to ensure everything will be fine. We will give you the knowledge; all you have to do is to implement it.


Yes. Perhaps you’ve read our material. Then you probably know that we only write and say things that you will find useful. We are so confident you will find this course useful that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you don’t like it, email us within 14 days of your purchase, and we will refund your money!
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You are solely responsible for your child and your child’s health, security and safety! Neither we nor anyone else can show you material that works in and of itself without you having to do your part!

Therefore, we cannot – and it is not our intention to – guarantee that you will never have an accident after you’ve completed the course. However, we can guarantee to transfer the knowledge you need to ready your surroundings and to be prepared for almost everything the 21st century has in store for you! But You are also a key player in this. You should only start this course if you are willing to learn and implement your newfound knowledge!

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